Updates posted regularly (8 May, 2023). Interviews in languages other than English, and translations of English-language interviews, are here.

2024. Climate, Class & Empire: Towards an Ecology of Revolution, Progress in Political Economy (7 May).

2024. A History of the World in 7 Cheap Things (Revisited), Macrodose podcast (with Raj Patel), 26 April.

2024. Capitalocene: How Capitalism Created the Climate Crisis, theAnalysis.News podcast, 7 April.

2024. The Assertion of Popular Power: A Climate Movement Imperative, theAnalysis.News podcast, 7 April.

2023. A Discussion with Jason W. Moore, Part One: Beyond the Metabolic RiftProlekult Podcast, episode 34 (24 December).

The Prolekult podcast is intended to provide a discussion format to consider Marxist theory in the light of the world  historic crisis it today faces, problematising traditional or axiomatic readings of the crisis and interrogating the detail behind questions, rather than necessarily putting forward a set position. In this way, we hope the format can bring a useful critical component to our other work, allowing discussion of method and problems of analysis. In this episode, James speaks with Jason W. Moore. The first part of a two part episode, we here focused on the Moore’s relationship to the theory of the metabolic rift as advanced by John Bellamy-Foster, his own theory of oikeios, and sectarianism across the eco-socialist left. The second part casts the net a little broader, looking at eco-socialism and crisis theory, other elements of theory and some audience questions. Moore has also contributed to our upcoming Approaching Marxism episode on the metabolic rift. Both the second part of this discussion and this video piece will be available soon!

2023. Jason W. Moore – Zombie Capitalism and how it impacts the conversations we have!, with Don Shafer, Sticks & Stones—Roots & Bones (5 November).

In this episode of Sticks & Stones, Jason W. Moore talks about the interconnectedness of environmental history, capitalism, and social theory in our current social dynamic. He highlights the urgency of the planetary crisis, including climate change, biodiversity loss, and inequality. We discuss the impact of ideologies on various global issues, such as gender, race, religion, and culture. Moore explains that capitalist ideologies instrumentalize the world and perpetuate a binary mode of thought. The conversation touches on the role of technology, capitalism, and power in shaping the current state of the world. We discuss the relationship between capitalism, climate crisis, and imperialism. Moore argues that the origins of the climate crisis can be traced back to the crisis of feudalism during the Little Ice Age, which led to the invasion and conquest of the Americas. He emphasizes the militarized and coercive nature of capitalist rule and the need for climate justice movements to challenge the capitalist mode of thought.

2023. Environmental degradation, capitalism, and imperialism with Jason W Moore, The Sustainability Agenda, episode 181 (3 September).

In this fascinating, hard hitting interview, Jason W. Moore talks about the intertwining relations between environmental degradation, capitalism, imperialism, and climate change-stressing the need to recognize the role of imperialism–and counter-insurgency–across the past century to advance climate justice. He argues it is naïve to believe that eco-socialism can be achieved through parliamentary majority alone and underscores the importance of understanding a century of struggles between revolutionary and counter-revolutionary forces. Prof. Moore sees the present era as a moment of transition, signaling a break with American uni-polar hegemony, a period of political possibility and revolts, and calls for a dialectical way of thinking to establish connections between fractured social movements. Finally, Jason talks about the exploitation of the Global South, labeling it as a new phase of green imperialism, and criticizes the neglect of imperialism’s role in discussions about environmental transitions.

2023. A History of the World in 7 Cheap Things w/ Jason W. Moore & Raj PatelGuerilla History (12 May).

2023. Jason W. Moore on the Dangers of Prometheanism: Climate, Class & Planetary JusticeThe Syllabus (May).

The political distance between so-called liberal environmentalism and ecofascism has never been quite so large as we would like. Liberal environmentalism and ecofascism share many of the same elements in their cosmology. They have different politics and different political inflections – for example, the environmentalist right is much more strident on questions of borders – but let’s not kid ourselves. These similarities have been part of the environmentalism of the rich, as I call this elite-driven environmentalism, not just since 1968, but since the end of the 19th century.

2023. The Web of Life & the Dialectic w/ Jason W. Moore, Auxiliary Statements 85 (14 April).

2023. World-Ecology and Class Politics, Ecological Reparations (2 February).

2023. World-Ecology and the Capitalocene with Jason Moore, Guerilla History (13 January).

2021. Comrades in Arms with the Web of Life: A Conversation with Jason W. MooreNew Socialist 2 (October).

2020. Capitalism and planetary justice in the web of life: An Interview with Jason W. Moore, Polygraph 28, 161-182. (With Michael Gaffney, Claire Ravenscroft, & Casey Williams.)

2019. Capitalism Made this Mess, and this Mess will ruin CapitalismWired (19 November).

2019. World-Ecology: A Global Conversation, Sociologia Urbana e Rurale 120, 9-21. (Interviewed by Gennaro Avallone and Emanuele Leonardi.)

2019. Cheap Nature, or, the Cultural Logic of Historical Capitalism. Interview with Richard Todd Stafford, for the George Mason University Cultural Studies podcast (19 March).

2017. The Ideology of Cheap Stuff: Raj Patel and Jason W. Moore with Sarah JaffeDissent (5 December).

2017. The Case for Ecological Reparations: A Conversation with Jason W. Moore (31 October), Edge Effects with Stepha Velednitsky. Podcast and text.

2017. Jason W. Moore on the Biosphere, Capitalism, and the Politics of Climate Justice, Impact with Don Shafer (25 August). (Audio.)

2017. A History of the World in Seven Cheap ThingsCultures of Energy podcast (17 August). (With Dominic Boyer and Cymene Howe.)  Audio.

2016. Capitalism in the Web of Life: InterviewCounterpunch Radio (24 June). (With Eric Draitser.) Audio.

2016. Nature, Capital, CrisisAgainst the Grain, KPFA Berkeley (16 May). (With Sasha Lilley.) Audio.

2016. Crises and the Limits to Capitalism, Against the Grain, KPFA Berkeley (6 April). (With Sasha Lilley.) Audio.

2015. Capitalism in the Web of Life: An InterviewViewpoint Magazine (28 September). (With Kamil Ahsan.) Print.

2015. Age of Humans or Age of Capital?Against the Grain, KPFA Berkeley (23 March). (With Sasha Lilley.) Audio.

2015. Political Ecology or World-Ecology?Entitle Blog (5 June). (With Jonah Wedekind and Felipe Milanez.) Video.

2015. Anthropocene or Capitalocene?Entitle Blog (5 June). (With Jonah Wedekind and Felipe Milanez.) Video.

2011. The Socio-Ecological Crises of Capitalism, in Capitalism and Its Discontents: Conversations with Radical Thinkers in a Time of Tumult, Sasha Lilley, ed. Oakland, CA: PM Press, 136-152.

2011. Wall Street is a Way of Organizing Nature: InterviewUpping the Anti 12, 47-61. (With Tom Keefer.) Print.