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Jason W. Moore, 2021. Sustainability, Spaceships & Slaveships: Climates of Class Politics in the Capitalist World-Ecology, 1450-2030, Keynote address, Futures of Sustainability, Humanities Centre for Advanced Studies, Universität Hamburg, 3 May.

2020. The Origins of Climate Apartheid, Department of African and African Diaspora Studies, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 6 November.

2019. Climates of Crisis, 376-2019, Parts I and II. Keynote address, Fifth Annual Conference of the World-Ecology Research Network, 30 May.

2019. Race, Class, and Gender in the Making of the Climate Crisis, interview, UView Television, 3 April.

2018. Climate Change as Geohistorical Event: Imperial Crisis, Planetary Justice and the World Color Line. (Begins at 11:34). Keynote address, Fourth Annual Conference of the World-Ecology Research Network, Helsinki, Finland, August.

2018. Critique of Capitalism (as World-Ecology), interview, Post-Capitalist Possibilities, 10 July.

2018. Climate, Class and Civilizational Crisis: C.E. 376-2018, University of Virginia, 4 May. 

2018. Capital’s Desire & the Fantasy of Nature, Lebanon Valley College, 15 March.

2017. Climate Justice, Workers’ Justice: Capitalism’s Ecologies and the End of Cheap Nature. Public lecture, Sydney Trades Hall, Sydney, Australia, December.

2017. Cheap Nature and Its Discontents, Marxist Education Project, Brooklyn Commons, Brooklyn, NY, 10 November.

2017. ‘To Make Ourselves the Masters and Possessors of Nature’: Dutch Capitalism and the World-Ecological Revolution of the Long Seventeenth Century, keynote lecture, Global Histories of Capital, New School for Social Research, 7 October.

2017.  The Capitalocene and its Discontents: Towards a Revolutionary Ecology, keynote lecture, Extraction: Decolonial Visual Cultures in the Age of the Capitalocene, University of California, Santa Cruz, 12 May.

2016. The Rise and Fall of Cheap Nature: Work, Power, and Capital in Making and Transcending the Planetary Crisis, Center for Social Justice, Toronto (13 December).

2016. Our Capitalogenic World: Humanity, Nature, and the Making of a Planetary Crisis, Swiss Insitute, New York City, 17 July. 

2016. Capitalism in the Web of Life: Author Meets Critics, with Nancy Fraser, Christian Parenti, and Eli Zaretsky, New School for Social Research, 5 February.

2016. Capitalism in the Web of Life, public lecture, Broome County Sierra Club, 15 January.