Updated regularly (15 February, 2024) 

2023. Approaching Marxism: The Metabolic Rift (ft. Jason Moore), Prolekult films.

2023. A Discussion with Jason W. Moore, Part Two: Breakdown Theory and Eco-Socialism, Prolekult Podcast 35 (28 December).

2023. A Discussion with Jason W. Moore, Part One: Beyond the Metabolic Rift, Prolekult Podcast 34 (24 December).

2023. A History of the World in 7 Cheap Things w/ Jason W. Moore & Raj PatelGuerilla History (12 May). Audio.

In this terrific episode, we talk with Professors Jason W. Moore and  Raj Patel about their fabulous work A History of the World in 7 Cheap Things, which analyzes the history of the world’s planetary emergency through Cheap nature, money, work, care, food, energy, & lives.  A super important conversation with two vital thinkers, you’re definitely going to want to read the book if you haven’t already!

2023. Urban Nature, Episode 5: Jason W. Moore and Gabriel Kozlowski (14 June). Audio.

In this episode of Urban Nature, Jason W. Moore and Gabriel Kozlowski discuss the concepts of nature, capitalism, and the web of life from the perspective of social construction, relations of power, and Modernity’s dualism. Moore argues that one of the most fundamental problems of Western civilization, both intellectually and politically, is the splitting between society and nature; that this binary is a form of violence that generates conditions of inequality and oppression while maintaining the hegemonic structures intact. 

2023. World-Ecology and Class Politics, Ecological Reparations, 2 February. Video. 

Jason W. Moore, 2023. World-Ecology and the Capitalocene with Jason Moore, Guerilla History, 13 January. Audio.

In this episode of Guerrilla History, we bring on a good friend and comrade of ours, Professor Jason W. Moore!  In this fabulous conversation, we discuss world-ecology, the capitalocene, and how to view/analyze history through these lenses.  We intend on getting into much further discussion with Jason in a couple of upcoming episodes that we already have planned, so be sure to check this one out to prepare yourself for those!

2022. Dr. Jason W. Moore: Capitalism in the Web of Life. Therapy for Guys, 11 November.

2022. Capitalism at the Heart of the Climate Crisis. The Revolution Will not be Podcast, 10 November.

2022. Are We in the Age of the Anthropocene? Public Anthropologist, 16 September.

2022. Crises & Roots: Towards an Understanding of World-Ecology, Nature and the Capitalocene. Rising with the Tide, episode 40, 29 August.

2022. Forget the Anthropocene, we live in the Capitalocene: Jason W. Moore. Circular Economy podcast (10 August).

2022. Jason W. Moore: The Impossible Accumulation of Capital. Green Dreamer podcast, #353 (19 April).

2021. Climate Crisis, Planetary Justice and the Problem of the Capitalocene: With Jason Moore. Burning Futures podcast (30 November).

2021. Metabolisms, Marxisms & Mindfields: World-Historical Turning Points and the Flight from History, Workshop on Metabolism: Exploring transformative material processes through the interactions between man and nature, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, 15 July.

2021. Jason W. Moore: A History of the World in Seven Cheap Things, Upstream (11 May). Podcast.

2021. Sustainability, Spaceships & Slaveships: Climates of Class Politics in the Capitalist World-Ecology, 1450-2030, Keynote address, Futures of Sustainability, Humanities Centre for Advanced Studies, Universität Hamburg, 3 May.

2021. Holocene, Capitalocene & the Climates of History, Universität Basel, Switzerland, 29 March. (Audio)

2020. Unthinking the Climate Bomb. Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Simon Fraser University, 18 November

2020. The Origins of Climate Apartheid, Department of African and African Diaspora Studies, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 6 November.

2019. Making Sense of the Planetary Inferno: Planetary Justice in the Web of Life, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, 2 July.

2019. Climates of Crisis, 376-2019, Parts I and II. Keynote address, Fifth Annual Conference of the World-Ecology Research Network, 30 May.

2019. Race, Class, and Gender in the Making of the Climate Crisis, interview, UView Television, 3 April.

2019. Capitalism, Climate and Geohistorical Crises, School of Architecture, ETH-Zurich (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich), Switzerland, 25 February.

2018. Climate Change as Geohistorical Event: Imperial Crisis, Planetary Justice and the World Color Line. (Begins at 11:34). Keynote address, Fourth Annual Conference of the World-Ecology Research Network, Helsinki, Finland, August.

2018. Critique of Capitalism (as World-Ecology), interview, Post-Capitalist Possibilities, 10 July.

2018. Climate, Class and Civilizational Crisis: C.E. 376-2018, University of Virginia, 4 May. 

2018. Capital’s Desire & the Fantasy of Nature, Lebanon Valley College, 15 March.

2017. Key interviewee, How Capitalism tries to Save Nature, VPRO Dutch national broadcast.

2017. Climate Justice, Workers’ Justice: Capitalism’s Ecologies and the End of Cheap Nature. Public lecture, Sydney Trades Hall, Sydney, Australia, December.

2017. Cheap Nature and Its Discontents, Marxist Education Project, Brooklyn Commons, Brooklyn, NY, 10 November.

2017. ‘To Make Ourselves the Masters and Possessors of Nature’: Dutch Capitalism and the World-Ecological Revolution of the Long Seventeenth Century, keynote lecture, Global Histories of Capital, New School for Social Research, 7 October.

2017.  The Capitalocene and its Discontents: Towards a Revolutionary Ecology, keynote lecture, Extraction: Decolonial Visual Cultures in the Age of the Capitalocene, University of California, Santa Cruz, 12 May.

2017. Expulsions, Inclusions & the Double Valence of Violent Abstraction, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 17 February.

2017. Work, Energy and the Value of Nature: From Planetary Conquest to Epochal Crisis in the Capitalist World-Ecology, Mershon Center, The Ohio State University, 19 January.

2016. The Rise and Fall of Cheap Nature: Work, Power, and Capital in Making and Transcending the Planetary Crisis, Center for Social Justice, Toronto (13 December).

2016. Our Capitalogenic World: Humanity, Nature, and the Making of a Planetary Crisis, Swiss Insitute, New York City, 17 July. 

2016. Capitalism in the Web of Life: Author Meets Critics, with Nancy Fraser, Christian Parenti, and Eli Zaretsky, New School for Social Research, 5 February.

2016. Capitalism in the Web of Life, public lecture, Broome County Sierra Club, 15 January.

2016. Jason W. Moore: The Web of Life. Interview, short video (26 January).

2013. Abstract Social Nature: Value and Socially-Necessary Unpaid Work. Keynote address, World-Ecology, World-Economy, World-Literature, University College Dublin, 26-27 October.